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So love telling stories, even ones involving me…but I don’t actually like talking about myself. Let’s see how this goes…

Keiren Smith, aka Keiren Templeton-Smith, aka KT Smith. Mother of many children, Wife of Freelancer. Used to apologize to editors at the same as I would explain that I was the person they were going to have to talk to about business matters, not Ty (the Guy)–Dan Raspler (former Justice League editor at DC Comics) laughed and announced, “ahh, you have the Brian Michael Bendis and Alyssa (?)  Bendis relationship!” Stopped apologizing after that.

Once upon a time, Ty asked me to colour and letter some stuff for him, to help him with a project where he wanted to do the work but didn’t have the time.  We discovered that I seem to be kinda good at the colouring…even though we have very different colour sensibilities, and different ideas.

Now, I colour. I letter. I still talk to editors.


Email me at ktsssssmith@gmail.com.  My rates are variable–depends on the project and the budget.

Besides this site, I have started a deviantART site:


2 responses to “About/Contact Info

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Wonderful to meet you, albeit only virtually. I’m one of Ty’s students (the slow one in the class, there’s always one such) – he’s a national treasure.

  2. Nice to meet you, Paul! Ty speaks well of you and the word “slow”hasn’t come up!

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