Colouring Work

Gallery of Colouring Work

Can’t remember the date when I started colouring comics., just the work. My output was pretty spotty (okay, is) at first.

Originally, it was Ty announcing that he, through Mr. Comics was putting out Dan Slott and James Fry’s Big Max comic.  James had provided digital files for the work, but they didn’t have files for the lettering (originally done by the one and only Mr. Chris Eliopoulos) so Ty asked if I would mind (learning to) letter them.  Then, when the files were sent, it turned out that James didn’t have the colours for two pages…so Ty asked me when I thought I could have the flats done for him!

Ty had thoughts they I would become his pet colourist after that (he’s never going to read this!  I can say that!), and colour his various projects.  Between kids and life, that didn’t happen.  I didn’t want to start colouring until I’d spent lots and lots of time learning it inside and out.  Ty is a big believer in throwing someone into the deep end, and they will start swimming–or drown, sink to the bottom and be out of the way.  So, he came home one day and announced that a couple of his Bootcampers ( had scored a gig doing a six pager for an Ed the Sock comic.  But they needed to have the art lettered and coloured, so Ty told them that I would do it.

I pointed out that I didn’t actually know how to colour…but I found a book, combed the internet, quizzed Ty…and coloured a bunch of pages for Ed the Sock.  The penciller, Gibson Quarter, approved of my colours, and now he and I work together on a lot of different projects.

Gallery of Colouring Work

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