Bootcamp Comics

These days, Ty is busy teaching Ty Templeton’s Bootcamp Comics just as a class…but once upon a time, it was a class, a clique, a group of talented individuals who didn’t want to stop learning or creating together. One of Ty’s first seminars, a number of the students became friends and colleagues. After Bootcamp Comics Part 1, they asked him for Part 2. He was pretty sure that was all they needed, but they begged him (and the school) for Part 3. He refused outright to do a Part 4 (“There’s nothing left to teach them! They just need to go out and create now.” Listening to him, I’m not sure why but it reminded me of Tracey Ullman at the end of her eponymous show remonstrating the audience, “Go home! Go home!”).

Someone came up with the idea of getting together once a night at the Industry Night meetings which were held monthly at a pub in downtown Toronto. At first it was fun and conversation but eventually, everyone started itching for an opportunity to do something–anything–together. So eventually, the group banded together as Bootcamp Comics, and began meeting monthly to plan an anthology comic book. Eventually, the idea of the anthology wore out for some–not all of the members were equally enthusiastic; some were shy about their work in comparison to others; some were worried about the cost of printing and the eventual worth of the project to them. Ty suggested that the best way around all of this was for each to print up copies of their own little story as an ashcan comic and make it available for sale at the big Toronto comic convention, Fan Expo 2009.

Most of the members of the little collective were enthusiastic about this idea and happily threw themselves into it. I was drafted to letter and do production. Those who chose to participate found themselves with a nice little comic to sell at the convention, and one that was just the right size to show off to editors.

A Different Class

written by Kathleen Gallagher, art by Robert J. Lewis


BBaby, Bunny and Mum

written by Carolyn Unknown, art by Robert J. Lewis



Story and art by Derek Herd


Performance Anxiety

written by Greg Dunford, layouts by Ty Templeton,

finished art by Gibson Quarter


Prometheus Smiles

written by Ty Templeton, art by Jason Laudido


The Star Forces Want You!

written by Kip Baker, pencils by Gibson Quarter,

inks by Kellam Templeton-Smith, tones by Ty Templeton


The Three Kinds of Sex

story and art by Eden Bachelder



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