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New theme came up with a new theme (Coraline) which replaced the theme I had been using…which I quite liked. Gotta think about this new one–I don’t really like it as much. Amusingly, by sheer coincidence, Ty changed the theme of his blog the day Coraline came out. Don’t like it there, either–but never argue with the ‘client’!


Name Change…

So…Bad Bunny Studio is (currently) changed to KT Smith. Originally, the Guy and I had plans to create our own little company which we would call Bad Bunny Studio. Ty had hoped to purchase the name Mr. Comics from the same, but the publisher hopes to reactivate the company at some point and didn’t wish to pass on the name. So, we brainstormed one day until Ty came up with Bad Bunny. I loved the name…and had visions of some fun logos. Continue reading