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Holmes Inc. #2–starting production

The editor has approved all the lettering I’ve done for Holmes Inc. #2 (so nice when he lives in the same house–he says “fix this” and I fix it, and it’s good to go in seconds).  So, I’ll be working like mad for the next two days to get it off to the printer’s for tomorrow afternoon.

"Eight Seconds to Mayhem" written by Kathleen Gallagher, drawn by Danny Setna, lettered by Keiren Smith

slowly slowly…

…getting all the lettering done on Holmes Incorporated #2 so that I can move on to production. It’s off to the printer’s next week (yay! Guerilla Printing!), and will officially ‘launch’ at the Open House/Holmes Incorporated #2 Launch Party at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop’s new location, Friday July 22.

And…within a day or two, I’ll be able to provide links to Holmes Incorporated #1 which will be available online FOR FREE!! Can’t beat that as a bargain!

New Comics Day

While you’re at your Local Comic Book Store buying your weeklies, keep an eye out for Marvel Comics hardcover of Strange Tales II. It includes Harvey Pekar Meets The Thing, written by Mr. Pekar, pencilled/inked/coloured by The Guy, and lettered by me.

Northern Guard #1

is out today. Coloured and lettered by moi.

Too busy to breathe today, so that’s all…

New Comics Wednesday

It was delayed by a week…but Marvel’s Strange Tales II #3 is out this Wednesday. I’m excited ’cause it’s my first ever official Marvel credit…for four little ol’ pages, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

As Ty has recounted on his blog, he was quite stricken when Harvey Pekar had died, because Harvey had passed on his phone number through a friend and asked that Ty call him about a project. Ty had been up to his neck in work and was waiting until his schedule cleared up a tiny bit so that he could actually say yes (“I don’t want to say no to Harvey Pekar!”). So, he was especially devastated when I had to break the news of Harvey’s death to him…

A couple of weeks later, he walks into my workroom, looking slightly stunned…”Remember when I said that I couldn’t believe I would never get a chance to work with Harvey Pekar again? Guess what I just got offered?” And, luckily, I chose not to guess, because I never would have come up with the right answer!

Marvel Comics got a script out of Harvey for their Strange Tales II series. A charming, very Harvey Pekar four-pager about Harvey and The Thing. One of Ty’s favourite moments as a working professional…but given that he was still dead-busy with work he asked if I would letter it for him. Given that it’s a Harvey Pekar story, there’s no sound effects or big splashy lettering, but I got to letter a Harvey Pekar story…and for Marvel Comics. That’s not so bad…

Holmes Incorporated

Ty has been working with a class from Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, on “Fit to Print” a project to take a comic book from concept to finished published work. He approved pitches from writers for seven page stories, assigned artists he felt best worked for each story, and assigned inkers. He actually taught a class on computer lettering, and had hoped that the students would letter the stories.

Eventually, for lack of time, lack of confidence and an editor who offered to letter and didn’t have time because he has so many other deadlines, I ended up lettering six of the stories. The final issue is available for sale at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth at FanExpo Canada, August 27-29, 2010. Yep, this weekend. But until then, a quick look at the first two pages from each story, in no particular order.

First up, Flight Plan. Written by Rob Pincombe, pencilled by Gibson Quarter, inked by Ty Templeton.

Next are pages from Night Clubbing. Written by Kathleen Gallagher, art by Eden Bachelder.

Fingerless Prince, written by Heather Emme, pencilled and inked  by Adam Gorham.

Welcome to Holmes Incorporated, written by Greg Dunford, pencilled and inked by Christopher Yao.

The Bobby Bomber, written by Rob Oakman, pencilled by Jeff Rusland, and inked by Jeff Longstreet.

Peril in Paris, written by Mike Marano, pencilled by Alex Greychuk and inked by Dean Dumont.

Lettering Work

(a re-post from somewhere else…)

The story of my lettering work is similar to that of my colouring…

Can’t remember the date when I started lettering comics, just the work.  Ty had met with Steve Ballantyne of Metallic Rose Comics (a/k/a Mr. Comics), who was local (in Oakville…we’re in Mississauga, right next door) and they had agreed to get a license for a known product and do a mini series and see how it went. Steve got the license for Planet of the Apes.  Being local, being small and indy, being canadian, the payrate was never going to be huge–but Ty wanted to try and make it as good as possible for everyone, so they could do quality work and still make a living. This meant that there was next to no budget left for a letterer.  Ty was already editing and acting as production manager, which was taking up more of his time than he had imagined it would.  But, he didn’t think he could find himself a letterer for ten bucks a page (little did he know that that would be pretty high for an indy project!).  And I was starting to make wife-of-freelancer noises about him doing actual paying work (that’s the entire job description when one is the wife of a freelancer).  So, Ty had a brilliant thought–if I did the lettering, it would end up as what he wanted, and the money, however much or however little, would remain in the house.  And I would learn a marketable skill. Continue reading