So, I finally submitted the tiniest quickest bio to Mr. Rob Pincombe–and I didn’t even write it myself! Overwhelmed by the idea of writing a bio, Ty said to me, “What do you want it to say?” and whipped off a quick sentence for me. Sent it off to Rob who was not impressed by my lack of ability to self-promote and he added to it, then added a line from my “About” entry here.

So, a bio of me…by almost anyone but me!

“Keiren Smith has had a long and varied life doing such interesting things that it would fill a book, but all she really needs you to know is that she’s a fun person who is a hell of a colourist and letterer.

For those who love back story, we can add that as the wife of a pro comic book artist, Smith spent years negotiating with editors and dealing with the business end of making comics. Her reward was even more work as she began to take on lettering and colouring duties for the husband when deadlines grew tight.

Turns out she was a natural. As a letterer she has worked on comics as diverse as the critically-acclaimed Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, American Splendor, Big Max, the Heroes of the North webcomic, Holmes Inc. and Harvey Pekar’s final story in Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales II #3.

Currently, Smith is the go-to gal for Canadian superheroes, serving double-duty as letter/colourist for Moonstone Books’ The Northern Guard and Tights and Fights:  Ashes the Comic.

Today, she colours. She letters. And she still talks to editors.

(thank you, Rob!!)

(hmm…might have to lose “fun person”. I’m too tired to be fun these days…)


2 responses to “Bio

  1. Yu will NOT “lose the fun”! You have already sacrificed “vivacious” on the alter of humility and fatigue. And no matter how tired you are, you are crazy fun. Also very scary. But in a fun way.

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