I’m “Billy”

So, I hardly ever post on my own blogs because, ironically, all I’m doing is working on Ty’s. Ty wanted separate usernames for the blogs (rather than just add it to all of mine) which means I have to log out of his to log into mine…and sometimes, it just seems a lot of work to go back and forth, especially on a week where his computer is dead and he’s constantly coming upstairs asking me to monitor the comments, let him answer his comments, checking the stats…  It just all seems so much work.

But, today, here I am–and ironically yet again, I’m here to promote the cartoon that I did…over at Ty Templeton’s Art Land! Ty is UPTOHISNECK in deadlines.  One of those fun times where Assignment A has to has to has to be done on Saturday, because that leaves him two weeks to turn around Assignment B which has to has to has to be in before the Christmas Break, which will leave him January to do Assignment C, at which point…  You get the picture. If he doesn’t get A done today, and takes two extra days, then that takes two days off the sked for B…and that Cannot Happen.

So, Ty was musing as to what he was going to do for his weekend Bun Toon. Ever since he started doing them, it’s been a point of honour for him that he puts one out every Saturday, brand spanking new and all fresh (I used to put up some of his old Bunny Funnies and stuff before he officially started doing Bun Toons in March). Sometimes, it is an old cartoon of his  but it’s been newly inked and coloured.

Anyway, he offhandedly joked, “You should do one–be Billy for me” referring to one of the kids from Bil Keane’s Family Circus who would be alleged to have done one of the cartoons on occasion. I promptly suggested one of the kids do it, but Ty was leery (with one of them, it would have just been panel after panel of fart jokes). And, he pointed out, that his scanner is not working so what would we do to get the art online.

So, while he went off and slept for a few measly hours, I attempted some drawing. Didn’t work. In any way shape or form. I may be artistic–I ain’t an artist. So, I had another thought…and remembering that we can’t scan any work at the moment, I realized that I needed all the art to be in the computer to start with…and off I went.

So, take a moment and head over to Ty Templeton’s Art Land to check out my ode to the Glamorous Exciting Life of the Wife of a Freelance Comic Book Professional.

This is such an accurate portrait of me that it's frightening.

One response to “I’m “Billy”

  1. That’s Joanne!

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