Holmes Incorporated

Ty has been working with a class from Toronto Cartoonists Workshop, on “Fit to Print” a project to take a comic book from concept to finished published work. He approved pitches from writers for seven page stories, assigned artists he felt best worked for each story, and assigned inkers. He actually taught a class on computer lettering, and had hoped that the students would letter the stories.

Eventually, for lack of time, lack of confidence and an editor who offered to letter and didn’t have time because he has so many other deadlines, I ended up lettering six of the stories. The final issue is available for sale at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth at FanExpo Canada, August 27-29, 2010. Yep, this weekend. But until then, a quick look at the first two pages from each story, in no particular order.

First up, Flight Plan. Written by Rob Pincombe, pencilled by Gibson Quarter, inked by Ty Templeton.

Next are pages from Night Clubbing. Written by Kathleen Gallagher, art by Eden Bachelder.

Fingerless Prince, written by Heather Emme, pencilled and inked  by Adam Gorham.

Welcome to Holmes Incorporated, written by Greg Dunford, pencilled and inked by Christopher Yao.

The Bobby Bomber, written by Rob Oakman, pencilled by Jeff Rusland, and inked by Jeff Longstreet.

Peril in Paris, written by Mike Marano, pencilled by Alex Greychuk and inked by Dean Dumont.


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