Latest colouring…

(from Ty Templeton’s Art Land)

Given that Ty taught me (almost) everything I know…it seems only fair to help him out with some colour every now and then. He’s been posting previously unseen and brand-new cartoons on Saturdays, over in Art Land.  A couple weeks ago, he asked if I could quickly throw some colour on a strip for him, so he could return to his panic-on-a-deadline work. This wasn’t one of my harder gigs as you can see…very simple colour here, colour there–done!

Usually, an artist will have a colour request or two…when the artist actually lives in the house with you, and can wander up behind you at any moment to stare at the monitor, they can end up requesting quite a bit! I’ve been known to argue back in these moments… Ty wanted the colour on the Horny Toad costume to be dark enough that it would obviously seem like he was Batman, which was easy enough to do. But,  I disagreed with his decision to make the shades the same in the first and second panel–I thought they should be quite dark, a green-grey in the first and then lighter and brighter in the second for the reveal. Ty figured the reveal was not that the costume is obviously green not black and grey, but that the face mask is all bubbly like a toad.  Given that he wrote the strip–he wins!  Not my joke…

(I’m usually a bit of a pain-in-the-ass for verisimilitude, and horny toads are actually sand coloured, given their habitat. But that wasn’t going to work here, for the joke.)


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