Name Change…

So…Bad Bunny Studio is (currently) changed to KT Smith. Originally, the Guy and I had plans to create our own little company which we would call Bad Bunny Studio. Ty had hoped to purchase the name Mr. Comics from the same, but the publisher hopes to reactivate the company at some point and didn’t wish to pass on the name. So, we brainstormed one day until Ty came up with Bad Bunny. I loved the name…and had visions of some fun logos.

But, right around the same time, I set up and created Ty Templeton’s Art Land for the Guy. Originally, he had this idea that I could use it as a place to sell art for him (hence, it’s original name of “Art Store” with the line, “Ty Templeton Sells Out!”) and to promote appearances. But, I’d put together an entry here and an entry there just to give people something to read if they came to the blog…and I persuaded Ty to do an entry or two. The result was a heckuva lot of people popping in to see what Ty had to say. It eventually occurred to Ty that rather than waiting for the magic day when we would put together a website that would be, that maybe this was and we could do with it everything he envisioned doing with a branded website. (Branded, baby, is the word of the decade. It’s all I hear these days…that and “monetize”. Everyone wants to “brand” and “monetize” themselves.)

So, the Guy decided he wanted to brand himself under his own name, and not a studio name. At that point, we’d created a logo and were working on some icons for the name, and I felt as if I had some obligation to go through with a commitment to it…that and a lifetime of negative-reinforcement of having one of the most common surnames going.

But, as I was posting an entry and hunting around the ‘net, it occurred to me that I actually exist online as KT Smith. I have a GCD entry under that (for lettering for the aforementioned Mr. Comics), and am mentioned here and there for my colouring** as well.  So…dilemma.  KT Smith…or Bad Bunny Studio. Bad Bunny Studio is a much better name than KT Smith, but no, I did it, I put KT Smith up there.

And damn, that Smith looks kinda strange. I never realized what an awkward looking name it is when you see it in a plain ol’ font like that!

And the reason it’s not Keiren Templeton-Smith or some combination thereof, (you can call me KT, you can call me Keiren Smith, you can call me…oh, there’s an old reference!) is that the Guy and I have a child. We have a few actually, but we have one whose initials are KTS. And he’s torn as to what combination of surnames he will work under…but given that his hope is to work in comics,his dad has suggested it’s best that Templeton stay in there somewhere. He can’t combine his last names; then people will wonder if he’s somehow related to Ben Templesmith or trying to steal his thunder! I’ve told him that he can do whatever he wants, he doesn’t owe me any “name loyalty” so we’ll see.  But, on the off chance that he wants to work under the whole mouthful of name we gave him, I decided it might be easier if there wasn’t someone else wandering around in the industry with the same big ol’ last name.

**although I am in one place as Keiren Smith–I did some flats for Jamie Grant for a War on Drugs story (art by Gibson Quarter, story by Alan Grant) for the latest issue of Wasted Magazine (very NSFW–don’t say I didn’t warn you. I can’t actually even put up the full name for the War on Drugs series!).  I hadn’t thought to say anything about how I’m credited as I didn’t realize I would get any credit…but I was tickled many bright shades of pink when Jamie sent me the file with my name and his for Colours. I kept looking at my full name thinking, “Wow, that actually looks pretty good!”

The issue ended up being printed in greyscale, but  to my understanding, there will eventually be a graphic novel of the War on Drugs stories, and it will be in colour.


2 responses to “Name Change…

  1. It worked for JK Rowling, right? And JD Salinger. And MC Hammer. I like it.

    • I was debating names, figuring I could have different names for different aspects of creativity (ie, this is the writing name, etc). But the problem with having such common names is that it’s hard to come up with versions not shared by many. I once met someone who laughed themselves silly when intro’d who said, “Oh, sorry–it’s just that I know FIVE other Karen Smiths!” Oh, heck don’t apologize–it’s perfectly fine that you laughed at me! And when I was at York U., there was a woman with my name just one year older in the same dept! This is why I changed the spelling of my first name…

      And why haven’t I taken Ty’s last name? Well, a) it’s not mine (we use it hyphenated as a family name) and b) there’s this Harlequin Romance novelist named “Karen Templeton”. Interestingly–her last name is actually hyphenated, she shortens it for her writing (I think it’s Templeton-Stewart) or something. And there’s a Romance novelist named Karin Smith…you can see that no version of my name will be mine and mine alone! The middle name doesn’t help–it’s Elizabeth. While living in a small town, I was once in a class of 20, five of us were named Karen Elizabeth. We all had to be known by our last names.

      Have fun when it comes time to name a child! You MUST think of your child’s future claim to posterity!

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