My Name in (Digital) Print

…sort of. It’s a review of the latest issue of Wasted Magazine (#3), for which I did flats for Jamie Grant (whoo whoo!). The joy in that is reserved for the actual work–the mag was printed in greyscale. I’ve been told that the colours will see print at a later date. But, Jamie (thank you, sir!) gave me a credit right beside his name.

But my name, in the review, is misspelled…thus confirming for me that I’m best to stick with initials!

(Why is it that everyone can figure out how to spell every other name going but mine is the one that confuses people?  Ty has an editor with whom I frequently communicate, and whenever he sends me a reply, he always, always, always switches the “i” and the “e”. Whenever someone gets it right, it makes me want to hug them. And grovel a little bit.)


2 responses to “My Name in (Digital) Print

  1. Ahh,I get tons to review and need to get things out fast and on that particular day I was typing with a migraine. Normally I would never be as rude as to miss-spell your name.


    Never worry about using your name -or correcting prats who miss-spell it!

  2. Terry–

    You saint! Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to respond to me whining! I’m thrilled that you mentioned me at all, and I’m thrilled to see any version of my name anywhere near Jamie Grant’s!


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