My Name in (Digital) Print–again!

Okay, earlier I was trying to be funny when I mentioned that my name was in print in a review for Wasted #3…but had been misspelled. So the man behind (a web version of a British print magazine), Mr. Terry Hooper, sent me an apology via a comment for that entry…and then posted one on his site!

So, I am amused, and possibly more thrilled than I should be! You can tell that this is not something I’m used to because I actually went running to Ty (“Terry Hooper mentioned me on his website!”). Of course, now that he’s seen the spelling, Terry might be wondering why I seem to be a woman with a man’s name (all the Keiren’s in Britain seem to be male…I guess it’s a variant of Ciaran?).

Anyway, check out the site…there’s quite a bit more there than just my name!


2 responses to “My Name in (Digital) Print–again!

  1. Ahh,the meaning of the name Kieran is Dark or even “Dark One” [though I think that’s a modern thing]and the origin of the name is Irish with alternate spellings: Keiran, Kieren, Kieron.

    Rather as Terry is a derivative of the French Thierry or Irish Turlough.

    See,I am THAT boring that I’d know this. Oh and my own posting was a bit tongue in cheek as I have fewer teeth!

    Keep up the neat work!

  2. At least you’re not named after a shrub…

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